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Why Hairy is Sexy

A well-kept bush is the epitome of feminine beauty

When I try to imagine what the first woman on Earth must have looked like, I can't help but picture a beautiful figure with a luscious amount of dark hair down there.

Whether or not you believe in Adam and Eve's Genesis story, it has had an undeniable impact on the way many of us think of sexuality between men and women.

Frolicking naked in paradise... tempted by a serpent to eat the forbidden fruit. Doesn't that make you horny?

Sexuality has always been entangled with nature. After all, it is part of our biological functions to reproduce. It's not surprising, then that bodies are associated with all things natural. Pubic hair is sexy, in my opinion, because it's a reminder that we’re beautiful human beings naturally, without the need to constantly groom ourselves obsessively. A bush on a woman is all about showing your lover that you're comfortable in your natural state. It's about authenticity and confidence — and that is empowering.

Now enjoy these pictures of my bush in nature. You're welcome.

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